Thursday, February 23, 2017

Witches' class progress

Long way to go yet !!!!

The books and scroll I bought from "The Miniature Scene of York ", who have excellent service, btw.

The rat is by Georgia Marfels ( of course) , who also made pesky flies and wasps, caught in the spiderwebs. She also made some other books, will photograph them shortly.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

What I am working on

In December/Jan I had started working on a witches' class . I had to leave the project for some weeks, however ,as I had boldly decided I needed new flooring in my bedrooms - my craftroom is one of the two ( meant : movers in , all stuff out, new flooring in, movers in, all stuff in again, finding stuff back😮 ). But now I have started to put it together.

Here was where I had got to when I had to take a break:

The basic instructions came from an old issue of DHMS (back from 2012) , a project called "" A Witches'  Hovel, by Kastle Kelm Miniatures, The fireplace is resin and I bought it from Melody Jane . 

I did add some more things, but here is a picture of some nasty-minded toadstools I planted today. as far as I remember I bought them from Loredana Tonetti on Etsy some years ago. I love them! Those Monday Morning Faces!!! 😀😀

                    In the meantime kitties are loving life, me being with them most of the time since I                                                                      retired 🙌....

                                        Sometimes they play games on my Ipad....😁


                                          And sometimes they are just happy lazy babies.... 😽😽

                                        or lazy and warm in windowsill...😽