Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Lazy Larry

Yesterday/today I finished  a kit by Nancy Cronin, little Lazy  Larry, a very lazy, very Irish pixie, happily asleep in a bed of marshmallows:-). he is going to live in Bluebell Cottage, a nice little cottage, in the attic.
Isn't he sweet?

                                                         (underneath : Nancy's picture ):

Monday, March 26, 2012

More on Arnhem

I just photographed the loot of my latest Arnhem raid ! Not in the houses as yet, as I want to place everything in it at my leisure.

dolls doll ( Dave Pennant)

                                        food, mice, skull, salads, one with slug (Georgia Marfels)

Glass vase ( Leo Reijnders)

Hourglass ( Reina Mab)

                                                                       Icebox ( Reina Mab)

                                                      kitchen furniture ( Karon Cunningham)


skull and rat ( Georgia Marfels)

                                                    rats and food ( Georgia Marfels)

                                                         wizardrats (Georgia Marfels)

And besides, a lovely doll kit by Helena Reijnen and some wonderful kits by Nicola Mascall

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Talk about coincidence...

I am back from Arnhem again ( miniature fair in case you don't know).
Had a  busy day. since I had set up to meet several lovely ladies, like Ginger and Peggy B. of Petit-Pointers, Debbie  and Marijke from Canada and Ann from the UK ( unfortunately forgot to take  a good shot of Ann) of CAMP.


                                                            Peggy B and Debbie

Debbie and Ann
Marijke  from Canada

A veritable rogue's gallery, as they say in CAMP.

Well, at the recent on-line show I had bought some miniature porcelain from a lady in Canada, who I had never heard of. Not so strange, it appeared , as she told me she only recently started out selling he porcelain outside her local miniature group.
I received the pieces last Friday  and they are wonderful ! The pictures cannot capture the wonderful translucence of the thin porcelain.

Well, what was so coincidental ? We happily bemoaned  the lack of miniature shops/supplies in our necks of the woods, hurraying the web in the meantime. Then Debbie ( I think) told us about a lady in her group who has just started out selling porcelain... well, you can guess. So I ask : "is that Jo Anne Shaw ?"And they say yes, it is !!! Canada is big, world is big and here I meet up with gals from her minigroup!

She has not got a a miniature website yet, but is working on it so keep a  beady eye out for her. I , for one, will!

On another note..

Still fighting with Ipad, but yesterday I downloaded a kitty game and now entertain Tiffany with it...

( if you look closely, you can see that there is a  mouse on the screen ,like this youtube video :-)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Alex Meiklejohn pottery

To be honest, I had never heard of this wonderful craftsman, but then , that goes for many more excellent makers who live across the pond and do appear in Chicago or other shows ( tip: if you want to discover makers you  have never heard of, browse the websites of shows as much as you can !!!)

Anywya, this guy's work was discussed some weeks ago in CAMP and so I got curious, as his work was highly spoken of. So off I went  to SP miniatures ( although f.i. Swan House miniatures also sell his work, as does Holly) .

My order came in yesterday and yes, the pottery is DELIGHTFUL !!!

Alex sure can use the sales , as he has some financial troubles right now ( not due to his own fault), so if anyone gets greedy from these pics, please don't hold back....:-)

Friday, March 9, 2012

The rack has been homed ,too!

Finally I was able to place my rack full of cheat-pickles into the scullery into the Kendrew House. As you can see, I  need to make a larder for it , the servants  now have too easily access, methinks. Still, all in all, the scullery/pantry is a lively place, don't you think?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A new pet for the mousehouse

Recently I saw a heart-tugging little fellow by Bridget McCarthy....The lovely trellis was made by Sue Thwaite ( Lady Bug) ( this pic was taken by Bridget)

he looked so sad and lonely that I decided to rehome him!!

He arrived VERY fast, thank you Bridget !! and today he was ready to move  to his own home, which is next to my critter house

Emm, STILL a bit lonely, I thought, so the neighbours' kid, a guinea pig has gone out to keep him company. Although I don't quite know as yet whether this is going to work...little Hedgehog is hardly bigger than a kitty kibble and Tiffany might try whether he is  tasty. And whatever she decides about that, he will be gone :-(

Later, one of the meecekids came to check out the newcomer, as well....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Been pickling again, rack is nearly full now!

And of course I cheated...

I took a lemon cane from Angie Scarr and pickled the lemons ( yellow colored scenic water),
and did the same with orange slices (right lower corner)..

Then I started cheating even worse :
I painted ( with glass paint) little jars and bottles which gave me honey and vinegar:

Then I painted the outside of jars with red glass paint, filled the jars with ordinary Scenic water, used some more canes and came up with strawberries in juice;
then did the same with big jars, painted them on the outside with olive-green translucent glasspaint and filled them with more Angie Scarr slice, being gherkins/pickles!

Unfortunately I made a mess of trying to cover the bottles with gingham, as I had planned. It simply would NOT happen, so I have given up .

Friday, March 2, 2012

Some new slippers made

Whew, this was something ! Stitching is here always the easy part, as anyone who has tried to make them can testify...:-)
These were made for a friend and on their way now. I hope she will like them.
The kit/chart can be bought from microstitchery , it was stitched on 40 hpi silk gauze with vulgar DMC :-)