Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A POSH kitty!

Thi lazy guy ,also by Bridget McCarthy, has been living in my Kendrew house since a long time :-)

And some lilies

Thanks to Ladybug ( well known for her teeeeenie fairies)who sent me the booklet by Pat Snyder (and some Sobo to try for this technique, too!Thank you!)I made a bunch of lilies today.I had figured out how to do the flower;not,however,the stamens and not the leaves Well, of course, these are my first ones, not exactly perfect, but they do look nice :-)
Could not photograph them by daylight any more, of course,5 pm is definitely dark out here in winter.So I used my big ultraslim light.
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Wire flower: poinsettia


Today I made a set of poinsettias like Shelly Norris taught me at the time.If I am honest, I left some steps out; as the real BIG flowers need more petals.But I was happily and totally lazy as usual, so took shortcuts :-)
If I understand rightly,Shelly may publush a tutorial on them in the next issue of AIM

I still love receiving mail...





Especially when it contains nice minikitties!
Yesterday I retrieved the kitty with catflap and the sleeping tabby from here.
Last week I received Bridget McCarthy's two kitties in a tub , they are also irresistable :-)

A good day for the cat-lady,I suppose...

If you look very closely at the pic taken of the outside of the cat lady's residence(where you see the kitty butt going in) you can see that I planted a little mouse in the window in front , which entertains the kitties on the windowsill no end. I nearly hear them quacking, the way my cats do when they see a prey they cannot hope to catch:-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two other links :

This link will also take you to another film ( youtube ) on Queen Mary's dolls house.

This one will show you The Miniature White House , esp for my American friends !

Two other links :

A wonderful little film

( I snagged this from Wikipedia)

Of a vey big dolls house
There is a lovely film on the web right now on the famous dolls house of Queen Mary's Well, OK, the first ten minutes of the film are about this one. Go and have a look, it is a beauty!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

we love mice and mail

Today Kristuy's adorable babymouse in her crib arrived. I am afraid my Fluffy scared the jitters out of her :-)
I found a nasty long legged spider ( by Georgina Marfels, Germany). When the house is ready, I will hang it over the crib, I think. Or one of the naughty brothers can swing it over the cot....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I also love receiving e-mail

Remember Kristy's naughty mice?
I asked Herdwick Landscapes to build a halfscale mouse-house for me( as I am not much of a builder, no patience).They came up with these first sketches. I think I am going to love this project!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I loooooooooove receiving mail

I bought a lovely cloisonne vase from this website. They also do delightful pets and other things.This vase has gone to live in the Kendrew house, of course!
( That delightful piano was made by Tony Scammels from the UK)

Making a palm

In Arnhem I bought a kit for a plant, a palm, to be precise, from Jan van den Doel(Miniatures from Delft).I would give the link here,but the website is closed for the time being.The leaves are laser cut. Hardest was , of course, to paint these very fine leaves:-)
While I was starting to plant the palm in a pot, I suddenly realized I have some beautiful Carol Mann pottery and this bowl filled the ticket quite nicely. I have been careful to use Aleenes, so that it will be possible to clean the bowl, if anyone wishes to do so, in the future.
Oh, and did I tell you my kitty loves mini-ing???

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A chilly sunday afternoon





My zoo is curling up in all sorts of nice warm places while I am stitching....It is really snuggling-weather here, and Sunday is a nice afternoon to be home and warm!

Update on the Big B...


Having done -well, not most, but a lot on the borders,I am going to strike out on the centre field.
The chart, however, contains 49 pages and it is kind of hard to keep trackof what one is doing! So I decided to tape parts of the chart together- here you can see about 1/8 of the centrefield.The edge on the left is half of the SHORT edge, in case you are wondering....
This genius here has planned to tape one-quarter together and work it from there(not an original approach for working this chart,I might add).
Fortunately, the whole chart is on my hard drive, so if necessary I can print as I go:-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

and another friend of dolls houses...

from the same site as the one in the latest post:
Isn't he lovely?His name is Gremlin and he is a rescue with a very good forever home now.

saw this today...


If you subscribe, you see a smiling kitten each day... and if you click the first pic in the post, you will see an additional screen with lots of other pics of that kitten coming up, too. it is good for breakfast!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The oil cooker from Arnhem



Is now at its destination, too. A nice yellowish (ochre,in fact)soup pan is simmering away on it, on the table. I also bought this beautiful green canister and funnel to go with it, as oil has to be added on a regular basis. This kitchen is getting nicer and nicer, very cosy, in fact!
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Not my scale!!!!





Today I made some furniture for Flowerpot cottage ( the little quarterscale house I was working on some weeks ago). It is definitely not my scale at all.I used kits, not being great with working from scratch,even though I have Fiona's book, but even so I manage to bloop all the time.I get impatient!(no surpise there, I am afraid).
I also decided to add some paint to the roof , since I did not like its color. It looks like a drunk tiger now, so I need to have another go. Well, all in all I have happily been busy, in spite of my grumbling and even forgot about the near-computer disaster that I nearly walked into today.Don't ask.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The first mice have arrived!!!!!

After I had just bought some toys for them, the first three little mice for my family arrived! This is the pics from Kristy's blog ( it is dark out here and my pic will be horrible, anyway, but it does have an extra b/w cat in it),
I am applying moveable glue to their feet so that they will be fixed to their place. This house is not quite safe for little mice; I have got three cats, mind you....

some loot from Arnhem...

I bought some very very small toys for my mouse-family to-come from Shirley Scheibehenne, she is a very clever gal! Some halfscale pottery, also for the mice, made by Elisabeth Causeret ( France). Her pottery is to die for.And some oil-cooker plus an oil contaner for Bluebell cottage, as these used to be very widespread in humble cottages like this one!
PS I put the drunk skunk made by Kristy next to the mouse toys and pottery, for measures. He and the babywerewolf travelled with me to Arnhem, to show to my friends( did you hear that hoot of laughter?That was us...), and also to look whether a halfscale house might work. I think it would.
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The Arnhem fair



Last weekend the autumnal fair in Arnhem was held.
I met up with a friend from Oz , Jan, whom I knew from "The CAMP". Jan travelled in Europe,finishing in Arnhem with the fair, where she bravely did a workshop with Kathryn Gray, a lovely lady. Yesterday ( Monday) evening she had supper at my place and we nattered and nattered.
The pics are Jan--Gabriëlle-Winnie and Joan Wareing from the UK( we do regular meetings in Arnhem) and Jan and I.
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