Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I also love receiving e-mail

Remember Kristy's naughty mice?
I asked Herdwick Landscapes to build a halfscale mouse-house for me( as I am not much of a builder, no patience).They came up with these first sketches. I think I am going to love this project!


  1. Their houses are gorgeous, lucky you.

  2. Oh that is too cool Elly! I love how the tree actually grows into the house to become a part of it. Eeek, I just hope my mice will look okay in it.

  3. Thank you Chelle!
    Kristy I am quite quite quite sure the mice will look OK in it :-) These are preliminary sketches, though, and Peter will have a look and decide how the plans will be evolving. If everything goes as planned, he will start building in January.I do hope so!

  4. Estarán felices en esta casa. El boceto promete.
    Besos Clara

  5. Thank you Clara, I agree,the house is going to look lovely,I think!