Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New doll ( not made or dressed by me !)

Just before I left for hols , I received this doll that I bought from Gisele Sullivan, who has retired now. Isn't she lovely ?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Finally progress!!!

Back from really glorious holidays in Switzerland in one piece , I might add, thank you.( yeah, I know....but I am always quite happy to be there and return quite rested ) . If you need a good sleeping pill, try my album  :-) . Remember those days when people insisted to show their pics, even if they were quite bad and mostly showed off "us here and us there and everywhere "? With internet albums you are free to ignore or just say "how wonderful"without even looking , much better !!!!

Well, nuff of that now,  during the last days of my hols weather was instable at best, often rainy, so  I decided to get into my stitching again. I seemed to have a "stitcher's block" or something, but it is over now, methinks.

Here is where I have got to by now :

 Last pic I posted was in Nov 2014. To be fair I had done some stitching in between , but it was verrrrrry slow going , I was not really inspired .