Friday, May 18, 2012

Other doll dressed

I am getting into it, it appears!

This lady comes from Helena Reijnen . Also a lady that hung out nekkidly in my big drawer of nekkid dolls. The dress went together quite easily, actually. It was glueing mostly. I usually prefer to sew the clothes, but given the construction of the clothes, that was not an option, so I went along.
My first attempt at wigging looked horrid, so this morning I peeled the wig off and did a  second try. I do like her now. Cannot think why I used to find wigging quite easy and it has become hard , I mean hard!!! Frustrating big time!!

( and yes, she is a teeny bit pregnant ).......

own webpage,too, for other kitties,

                             About a week ago I decided to make the late Floris

                                              and my elderly, but fortunately still living Fluffy,

                                                         their own pages, too.

                                Floris's page is here  and you will find Fluffy here .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mousehouse goes hi -tech

Yesterday evening I decided to have a go at making the booklet for sale as an ebook version . For now, this is only possible for Ipad and Ipod, but the publishers seem to be working at making it accessible for other devices, too. I set the price as low as I dared (since I have to cover my costs for registering, and possible costs from Apple, too),and a friend of mine, Marja in the UK, downloaded it yesterday. It worked ! For now, it is only the English version that is available, but if anyone is interested in the Dutch version, do let me know and I will try to set that up, too. Here is the link where you can buy and download from. EDITED : this afternoon I also made the hard copy (paperback or hard cover) available for the non-paddo's . You can order a book directly from the site, they make the books up as they are ordered and an order for just one book is fine. Go to the same site and you can order the paperback from there.

Friday, May 4, 2012

WOOOHAAA ! Stacy 's dressed!

Finally ! After having several tries at dressing this beautiful little gal by Stacy Hofman, I finally clad her. My, that was an operation. First tries: dresses too stiff or too modern. Could not find fabrics or thik of decorations to go with her beautiful hair decorations, that Stacy had so painstakingly made.
Finally, I saw a pattern in DHMS last year, called Wisteria Bride by Sue Johnson. I do not need any bride, but reckoned it could double as a ball dress, as the fabric is a soft golden  color. Upon inquiring, Sue delivered the fabric pack needed for thsi dress,a LOT of silk and several laces that I would never have been able lo locate myself. Thank you Sue !
 The original decorations were roses and wisteria; would have liked it, but the flowersoft that I used on other projects is prone to bleach up in the strong light of my house and after a year it looks awful. So I settled for roses only , both wire (faux enamel and silk roses) and wire leaves,
Umm, remind me not to use Dupion silk again, unless I have to... draping is surely not my strong suit, sorry...

I also altered the bodice, since this doll is petite, and the original bodice of the pattern was a bit too modern, too.

After decorating the dress, I also added some rhinestones to the hair decorations, to make them  coordinate better with the dress. And now I have sent her to the ball. She will get a fan, promise, but not right now. Later.