Friday, May 18, 2012

Other doll dressed

I am getting into it, it appears!

This lady comes from Helena Reijnen . Also a lady that hung out nekkidly in my big drawer of nekkid dolls. The dress went together quite easily, actually. It was glueing mostly. I usually prefer to sew the clothes, but given the construction of the clothes, that was not an option, so I went along.
My first attempt at wigging looked horrid, so this morning I peeled the wig off and did a  second try. I do like her now. Cannot think why I used to find wigging quite easy and it has become hard , I mean hard!!! Frustrating big time!!

( and yes, she is a teeny bit pregnant ).......


  1. Oh wow that fabric is gorgeous! Is it a fabric you have bought yourself? (Where, where??)
    The doll looks beautiful, very romantic. Your last sentence made me laugh, as it reminded me of something my dad used to kid about 'een klein beetje zwanger maar'...

  2. She is so beautiful ! Lovely dress and so love the wigging too. Great job and I am so proud of you even trying to do this. I am very intimidated by doing anything like this.
    judy in Penticton

  3. Nice to know your blog! This lady is lovely, the dress is very beautiful!!!! ..... congratulations for the next baby! :))))))

  4. Beautiful as always Elly. Congratulations - does this mean you'll be a grandmama vbg? Hugs, Sandie