Monday, June 4, 2012

Back from Rheda

And my guests left for home ( Mary Lynne ) and for Castine ( Elga) , so this afternoon, after I had dropped Elga off at Schiphol Airport, I went home, put on the washing machine and basically droped down on the sofa:-).

It was a  great weekend, though, and besides, I got lots of presents! Elga and Mary Lynne came on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, we three plus poor Josje , who had to get up an hour earlier to be here in time, got into my not-cleaned car and drove to Rheda.

The fair was great. It was also big, with 200 stands. I had not been at this venue, but I did like it, it was roomy, clean, there was enough room to park ( but that was, maybe, because on Sunday it appeared to be much more quiet than it had been on Saturday).

I gathered a lot of things, among which supplies, etc, won't bore you with those, but here goes:

I feel for this little baby in the bath by Ankinaki dolls .She is adorable !

I wanted  to have some sanitary necessities, too , so bought ( from Hearth and Home) :

                                           a bathroom sink

                                              and a brass-leaf bath ( that PLUG !!! )

                                                        A kitchen sink

                                                 From Ray Storey I bought this lamp

And from Stokesay ware I bought several ( more than I show here, am going to wait unpacking them until I have a  nice dresser) canisters.they are as lovely as any of their things .

I also bought this doll kit from Helena Reijnen, since I need some guys for that ball in my Kendrew House ( not that anyboy can move there, any more, with those big dresses, but that is their problem)

Of course, this is the Emperor himself, but changing some colors will make the rank humbler, so quite useable.

In between we had a get together :

Afetr we got home, my three sweet passengers presented me with this lovely little , very fine papercut ( see that cat & bird in the tree?) : And yes , it is a papercut, not a drawing! From this man.

This morning Elga and I went to visit Josje and view her miniatures. Her collection is lovely and she makes such beautiful things !!!

And here the ladies are bent over Elga's beautifully made clock, Josje admiring  Elga's handiwork. Elga is a quite gifted craftswoman and she gave me thiswonderful chair to be upholstered ( I am dreaming of the chair shown in Annelles book)

MaryLynne gave me some micro-presents :


                                                        a fun little French magnet

                                              a Braxton Payne kit and on of the house of Monet

                                              and from Rheda a little toadstool....

And Gabriëlle, another friend, made me this lovely babygoose. It is hard tp photograph , as he is hiding inside the basket....

OK it is a bit chaotic now, but so am I  , so I am signing off !


  1. The baby in the bath is exquisite. The papercut stunning. All your purchases and your gifts are very beautiful. What a great visit and get together, must have been great fun.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Aw, sounds like you all had a great time! :D Wonderful minis and great friendships - you can't beat that!

  3. Que bellas compras, eres muy afortunada, y el regalo de MaryLynne
    Es una hermosura
    Un abrazo

  4. It WAS such a nice weekend and I'm so glad to hear Elly finally got to get back to her nice, comfortable apartment and enjoy a relaxed afternoon! I think the things she bought were probably my favorites - especially that little baby with her two little topknots. You see her and just expect to hear a tiny squeal of delight. :)

    Elly, thank you again for getting us all to the show and back - it's been a long time since I'd been to a show of that caliber and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably next time, I'll choose one that's a little closer to home, though! :) And don't forget - I think one of these years, you, Elga, Josje and whoever else should pick one of the big US shows and come visit that. Whichever one you choose, I'll be there!

  5. Thanks Elly, I had a really great time in Amsterdam and Rheda with you, it is so special to make wonderful friends across the globe!

  6. Ik had al een stukje gelezen over jullie avontuur op Josje's blog, gaaf hoor om elkaar zo te ontmoeten en dan samen naar de beurs. Mooie spulletjes heb je gekregen en gekocht. Die baby in dat badje is te schattig voor woorden.Je badkamermeubels zijn ook geweldig zeg wauw! En dan nog dat papierknipwerk wat je hebt gehad......ongeloofelijk dat iemand zo fijntjes kan knippen. Bedankt voor de link, ik ga gauw een kijkje nemen.