Friday, June 29, 2012

And I ALWAYS tell myself....

DON' T get another doll. So what happens ? I see another doll, fall in love all over again and nick/arrest/buy a new victim !!!

Here is a  wonderful lady made by Marie- France Beglan....(sigh)
This picture is from her website ( hope she does not mind, I was not able to make  a good picture of her right here, still fighting with my new camera ):

I decide to put her into my Cynthia Howe teashop ( that I made via an online workshop by her . If you ever decide to do an online workshop with her, you won;t be disappointed, she is a fantastic teacher).I have decided she is "doing town"together with her niece.
Ummm, might bet two nieces soon.... don't tell ( blush)


  1. Dont fight it. It is a condition. Dollitis. I know I have it too. It is when a doll is just too cute to passby and you must have it. LOL

  2. She is lovely Elly, mmh, I won't tell how many dolls you really have, they are all gorgeous and there are many worse addictions ;-)

  3. Es preciosa.
    Es logico que te hayas enamorado de esa muñeca.
    besitos ascension

  4. Beautiful teashop Elly! And I can see why you fell in love with this doll too. She's lovely. Hugs, Sandie