Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Here I am - finally !

And not even with my own work, actually, feathers are Frances' !

Here goes:

Some years ago, I posted a pic of ( then little ) Tiffany, playing a cat game on my Ipad , at PetitPointers, a Yahoogroup.

                                                       Here is the pic :

 Frances Peterson ( from TX, USA), a gifted designer, was not only smitten with this small lady, but immediately wondered about that carpet ! She liked it big time ! So up onto a chair I climbed, took as many pics of the carpet from as high as I could and mailed them to her, so that she could adapt it for a design for a PP miniature carpet. And no, trust me, if you have never tried it : that is not as easy as it sounds ....! Designing/adapting, I mean, climbing and photographing were the easy parts.

Tis ready now after about a year- or more-  of hard work by Frances ( designing plus stitching) . The first pic - aside from the progress pics that we share in the  group was this little teaser:

                                Bwaahaaahaa ! One mini Tiffany  with a  mini Ipad on a minicarpet !

                                    But here it is , The design can be bought from Frances :

                                                                         Right here

                               I am quite honored to be in her exquisite selection, thank you, Frances!