Friday, August 26, 2011

bread and cheeses for the meece

Last week Linda sent me some lovely little cheeses and breads for the meece. As you can imagine, fruits and vegs are "life size", but things they make themselves, are certainly mouse-size, so had to be small!!

This is Lindas pic, before she sent them off/ As you can see, the mice HAD already been nibbling at them, even before the food got here....

This week I distributed them over the house; some of the kids made off with hot cross buns to the bedroom; the guys playing in the attic nicked some bread and cheese; mousketeer will be spearing either cheese or an apple as soon as he has made up his mind and the little jam thief has also taken some cross buns. What is the world coming to....

This is the breadcar, full of breads !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Goodbye my little friend

This afternoon Isaid goodbye to my beloved little furbaby, Floris, the brave little kitty who held out  so long against his sarcoma. I had him on heavy painkillers because I suspected a nerve problem in his left front paw, but when I noticed yesterday that his right pupil was bigger than the left one, I suspected a cerebral metastasis, too. He did not have much of a problem with it, but I know I could not have kept it in check much longer.
He still ate relatively normally and just before the vet came he drank a load of my milk :-)
(Thank heaven my vet makes housecalls for this sort of thing)

Again I want to thank the vets of Utrecht for their dedication and help; we all did the best we could for him and I think he had an extra year free of trouble because of his treatment at the faculty. Thank you Jolle, thank you Bas,thank you to Ilonka, Willemijn and others who took care of him, and also thank you to the kind vet who took her time this afternoon to see him out

Goodbye my friend.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The scullery is working ( I hope)

Momma mouse got nearly desperate! So much cooking to do for a big family and nowhere to wash the dishes. So after much asking now she has her  sink and it has been installed and is fully operational. I also gave her a set of bins for soda, soap , sand and salt, indispensable when you need to wash up.

Still, I am afraid the little guy with his chemical experiments will be in trouble any time now if/when his mom gets wise to what he is brewing out there.

Friday, August 12, 2011

OK, sink will be drying

in the scullery; I decided it could be done. I also stuck up some little shelves , also courtesy of Petite Properties( or do you think I am so handy????) Will fill those up later, the glue that keeps them on the wall has to dry thoroughly.

Since the sink does take some place- and it is rather dangerous out in the scullery , anyway- I decided the little clown had better evacuate to to the attic.

Little baby werewolf is waiting for him there, so the two have stuck a friendship. Werewolf hasn't really got the worst deal, since there is loads to eat in the attic, too! Besides, clown brought his peanuts and  popcorn , so they will be having a great time together.

Scullery sink for mouse house

Heh, finally , my mamma mouse can wash up her lots pots and  pans! Yesterday a lovely sink kit from Petite Properties arrived and yesterday evening and today I spent with Floris making up the kit. His contribution exists in opening one lazy eye from time to time and  happily purring away. The whole assembly is drying right now and I will  be able to put it in on Sunday or so.
I filled the sink with dirty plates and dishes , and then with liquid fimo, after which the whole caboodle went into the oven. A piece of cotton  is hanging over the side and a cocktailstick suggest a brush.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Big Bugger again...

Here is the latest update on my Big Bugger of a Boria . As you can see, I have half of the ginormous rug behind me by now. Meaning I have stitched about 100.000 plus stitches (and frogged many of them , too). The chart is not that hard, but sometimes one gets a blind spot and one has to make the same piece over and over, because it does not come out right. Sigh. I am counting impaired....Yes, right, I am whining big time over this baby!

Re: my patient: yesterday I had a heart-to-heart with Floris's vet; I needed some input from someone who knows him, his history, and who knows me, too. He advised me to have a go at painkillers and look if the guy still enjoys life. Floris took the painkiller rather graciously ( he does not dislike them and they work quite well).Well, he obvioulsy still does- he stole my salmon pate last night.
Of course, we do not have much time together any more, but I do honestly not think he is really suffering right now.If/when I think he does,I will let him go, of course.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My little patient

Floris is going downhill fast by now. He is very thin, but that is not the worst news ; I saw him walking lopsided last week and now I have discovered why this is so- there appears to be  a lump ( possibly a lymphnode metastasis) underneath his front paw . I can't move it  from his ribs, so either he is in pain already or will be soon.
It will be time to think about saying goodbye to this lovely sweet and brave furkid of mine in a very foreseeable future. Well, I knew this was about to happen, of course, but that doesn't make it less hard. And the real problem, of course, is deciding when enough is enough- he still loves lying and sleeping  in the sun, comes for his food and for his cuddles.