Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is becoming a tradition...

If it is possible in any way , I love to dress dolls during days-off, esp when they are two in a row. And this time of the year I usually dive into one of Kathi Mendenhall's patterns . They are not for the fainthearted , though....And my results are never, ever as good as Kathi's , whatever I do, but still...I think the result is OK.
The doll was bought at Michelle Mahler's.
For the hat I owe Hazel Dowd big time, as she provided me with a nice sturdy mold for making hats. Very useful!! Thanks Hazel ! I also had bought ribbon and lace from her at several fairs, which also came in very handy, as I had to switch from the original fabric to some from my stash ( and I think it is my friend Marlene who sent me this - it may have been Sis, though:-) One gets older...)
Believe it or not, this outfit represents two days of plain,solid,hard work . Doll hasn't got her purse yet, that will follow later. As, maybe , more decent pictures. But this is it for now!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Witches tea party

Some time ago , this lovely lady , Brae baked loverly minicookies for Halloween . I mean they are LOVERLY !!!!
I won them as a  giveaway for her blog :-) so happpy little camper here ,plus three happy nasty witches , too!
Last Friday I completed the witches'teatable and here everything is in place ....( seen from above)

yes, you see it right.. teapot and milk jug are supended in the sky :-). Nancy Cronin delivered these delightful thingies, too, together with the witches !

Here some more from front :

Biting plant and hissy cat confronting each other....

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Grisly, grisly...

I recently obtained some nice whitewood furniture from Anne and Robin Lucas  Did stain it last week and then grunge again. Who said a miniaturist's life is simple ?

Most of it went into the pub. I made some extra pics as finally found out how to turn off that infernal flash on this camera, and there are some spooooky pics here.

                                                                 This is the bedroom....

and here Doris in her kitchen 

Diningroom with some forgotten guests

                                                                      Doris again

and now: meet my grumpy wizard

                                           Who has gone to occupy my Four Candle's shop.
The doll was made by Sherri Colvin, I dressed the guy following a pattern recently published in DHMS .I think I must kick his clothes inside a little, as he sticks out of the shop now:-).
And yes, I am going to rearrange that wig :-)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day off .. so meet Doris.

Since I have taken a week off , mainly tp lay, although unfortunately also  need some RL things to be seen to, I dressed this Nancy Cronin doll that I accidentally unearthed :-). Originally she should have been a chique witch, but seeing that face I decided that she would make a great cook in my Highwayman....

She really is a  character. I love Nancy's dolls big time :-)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tiffany's mug and the Flatfoot Family

Some of you may remember that I have sa series of little mugs with portraits of all my furkids, most of who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge by now :

Since, however, my household was containing my little new furkid, I recently added a Tiffany mug, too!

They were supplied by Michelles Miniatures. Just send her a pic by email or snail mail and then this little adorable thingie will wing its way to you... :-)

And another critter family found its home here, too. I am calling them the Flatfoot Family.They were made by Ann Galvin (UK ) of Elf World Miniatures, she also sells on ebay : as Elf-World

here are the parents

( giggle....)