Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tiffany's mug and the Flatfoot Family

Some of you may remember that I have sa series of little mugs with portraits of all my furkids, most of who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge by now :

Since, however, my household was containing my little new furkid, I recently added a Tiffany mug, too!

They were supplied by Michelles Miniatures. Just send her a pic by email or snail mail and then this little adorable thingie will wing its way to you... :-)

And another critter family found its home here, too. I am calling them the Flatfoot Family.They were made by Ann Galvin (UK ) of Elf World Miniatures, she also sells on ebay : as Elf-World

here are the parents

( giggle....)


  1. I love all the kitty mugs Elly, they are really well made too by the looks of it.

  2. Oh, I forgot, the flatfoot family are just too cute for words :-) those faces are so full of expression.

  3. The mugs are simply sooo sweet Elly! What a great idea. And I love the Flatfoot Family - thanks for the link on the group by the way, I am now the proud owner (unexpectedly) of her Santa Bear which was on eBay and is now winging its way across the ocean as I type! Hugs, Sandie