Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And what the postman brought yesterday !

A row of skellies, not cute at all....
Also from the USA. They have the exact height I need and look nicely dirty. I will give them a good home in my "Highwayman ", I am sure they will like it there.

Look what the postman brought me today

A very sweet little baby that I bought from Debbe Mize (USA), complete with little fists and the tiniest cute ears !
Isn't she ( I have decided it is a she ) lovely ?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Simon's cat

A famous set of cat cartoons on youtube.
My friend Marlene sent me this link .For cat lovers, Simon's cat is a must....

There is also this one : also very recognizable , I am afraid.....

Via Youtube , a.o. this page , you can find more video clips of Simon's cat ,and some more crazy kitties....( just look on the right of the page !!!)

PS I nicked this sweetie from this site . One can subscribe and find a sweet kitty face looking at one each day. Very good to wake up with while drinking your coffee, they are so adorable ...

UFO became FFO

While stitching at the slippers, I also discovered a piece of 48 hpi silk gauze, that had this house stitched on it.
The stitching had been done, long ago , I had quite forgotten about it. I did not frame it at the time, wanting to use the rest of the gauze for other projects.
OK , so I did that now, I used the rest of the piece for slippers, so no excuse any more : out it went , and washing , and ironing ( oh yesssss dears, I iron them ,at the wrong side , always !!! ) and framing .

I just stuck it into ( or behind , if I am honest ) the frame. It looks black , but is dark ( very dark ) green, the color they use for old-fashioned doors here.
Hurray , nother UFO ( Un Finished Object ) has been promoted to the status of FFO ( Finally Finished Object ) !!!!