Sunday, August 25, 2013

Emmm, oh , well...

I have been off for a couple weeks again, the idea being that I would be on holidays , do lots of walking , stitching if possible and come home quite refreshed .

Well, it did not quite work out that way. I did go on holidays , but the on second day I  fell and crashed into my left upper arm bone, which was , basically , fragmented. An operation wasn't possible (medically, that is, you can trust Swiss orthopedists, believe me !), so there was nothing for it but immobilizing me for what is going to be-hopefully- 6 weeks and only then take up repairing jobs-which can be done in Amsterdam.

Me and car were (separately) repatriated and I am home again ; unfortunately , although I can at least use my left hand, the rest is not really fit for use , so no mini-ing for some time to come. Although I am looking into clamp-stands or frames for stitching....:)

here is the view that I had from my hospital bed. Not bad, let's be honest..If you have ever lain in a Dutch hospital or even visited and looked out of the window, this is BETTER !
As you can see, I took this pic just before it got dark.the view is into the Inn valley, village : Samedan; Pontresina to the left , St Moritz to the right (both not visible here)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Here I am again...

Finally !

I did not really blog anything during last weeks , as I did not have much to blog about! But I am working on a Nicola Mascall Aubusson carpet, which is spectacular , or will be when finished, but we have  a long way to go yet. Never made so many mistakes in my life ( and no, it is not her fault, entirely mine !) . But , gritting my teeth , I have finally made some headway  and here we go :

OK, I agree, it is not much to look at yet, but you'd better believe it : this took a lot of effort and time ! Still, I only started in earnest( this was the second go, I won't bore you with the story of my first attempt, which went hopelessly wrong) about 6 weeks ago.So I trust it will look better as time goes by.

Weather has improved ,as well, so my two little friends hang out on the balcony when they can. You did not think this is my chair , hm??

Note that belly little Tiffany has developed ??? Oh dear....