Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ancient work :-)

 When we were recently talking samplers  at Petit Pointers, the international stitchers'group, I remembered some miniatures samplers I made years and years ago.
I cannot pretend that I design samplers- I don't. I do the "collecting"of the motifs, though. These motifs were stolen from RL samplers and the colors are pretty much the same of the old ones, as they look now. Reds and black kept up nicely, but yellow, blue and greens have faded over the years.
I stitched them on 54 hpi silk gauze with DMC\. That seems to be impossible, but at the time nobody told me, so I simply made them .

If anybody who likes stitching ( x stitch, Petitpoint, crewel) and would like to join, please do! We stitch in all sorts of ways and nobody has to be ashamed if you do 22 hpi canvas; we are all happy to cheer you along the way and to help you if you want some help.
We do not exclude anyone working on lower counts. We do not exclude anyone who wants to join us and have fun, period.

One of our  rules is that stitching is supposed to be fun.
We are chatterers big time, though :-), so if you are looking for a  quiet time on the web you are out of luck there.

Two little dolls

(Quarterscale) arrived yesterday. I bought them from Jan Stockwell at Ebay and , of course, I put them into the garden of Flowerpot Cottage. Like DM in CAMP said- there is going to be trouble, baseball next to that window????!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OK, more pics of the Kendrew shop !

As promised , here some pics of the Kendrew shop. The downstairs room is basically one, so I can have a go and have a REAL BIG SHOP here. I mean , really....One can plonk some needlework in here, can't one?!
Several parts with false stairs were included, which is really nice....
I am dreaming of a genteel needlework-shop ( "fancy work") right here...:-)
Oh , and if you MUST know : it is about 84 cms wide, 48 deep, 80 high.(=33 x 19 x 31.5 "  for you lazy gals...) And heavy , I mean heavy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new house....

Oh heavens, I did it again.
I will probably have to live outside my own house, but I really could NOT resist this beautiful house, a Kendrew!!! It is still in its original condition, but wired.
These houses are exceptionally well built and very beautiful.
It just fitted into my car and when I came home I borrowed my neighbour to hoist it into my house :-)
I will need to shellack it first before doing anything more to it, but isn't it a beauty??!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Molly in the kitchen

This is a doll by Viola Williams,Molly, who rashly went out into the scullery, needing something, but not realizing the scullery is already lived-in and home to a great many small furry crittters!

So she climbed upon a chair, hollering for help....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not good

Today I went for another check-up for Floris.
Although the little guy is still quite happy, it appeared on the Xray that he developed a mediastinal mass, tumorous probably(95 %). Probably this is the one that will be the decisive tumor, as it will compress the trachea. I will need to watch when he will be in discomfort ( esp breathing problems are to be expected) and take it from there.
Still, I am happy and grateful he got another year (at least) with an excellent quality of life and also that we will be able to make the most of every day as long as we can  It so often happens that illness overtakes one of our beloved furkids and we feel guilty because we did not see it coming (been there, done that).
In the meantime he is still stealing my milk!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Big Boria

Well, there is some progress, at least! Very slowly, but still....
As you can see, I can see the centre looming at the horizon. It will be some months of stiff work to get there, though....-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

bedroom furniture for Flowerpot cottage

And she soldiered on...
Today I made up some kits of a bedroom set and a washstand ( bought from BJ MIniatures ). The kits are really excellent, even for a hamfisted and impatient animal like me :-) I still need to drape the quilt, of course; it is printed fabric and looks very nice, I think!
I also love the washstand, but I need a pitcher and basin. Anybody?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doll arrived today

The postie brought me a lovely doll,made by Marie-France Beglan ( it is a pleonasm, really, since all her dolls are lovely and I have been coveting one since years).
I think I will employ her as  a flower seller in my tearoom, which is illegal, I think, but she is too young to work, anyway, so a bit more illegal makes no difference to speak of....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mouse house, further accessories in place

Long time no see...Sorry, I am still busy with my dear little Floris ( who is still happy at the moment, though) and RL things.

Today, however, I decided to bring more accessories into the mousehouse. First I filled the pudding bowl Mamma mouse was facing with filler ( you know, that white paste that is used to fill holes in a wall when you want to get rid of them for redecoration). It looks very convincing right now, if I say so myself :-). Then I dug out more pots and pans, some goodies like seed cake, bread , and, of course, cheese. Babymouse got a hanging moon over her head, made by Shirley Scheibehenne ( Germany) to help her overcome the trauma caused by Georgina Marfels's ( also Germany) giant spider!. The wonderful mushrooms , made by Mags have been hung to dry in the kitchen. I also put chamber potties ( Elisabeth Causeret) in place and hung the beautiful little spice cabinet that Peter and Kate made, next to daddy mouse after having placed some pots (also by Elizabeth Causeret) into them.

And here is the little patient; excuse his shorn appearance !