Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doll arrived today

The postie brought me a lovely doll,made by Marie-France Beglan ( it is a pleonasm, really, since all her dolls are lovely and I have been coveting one since years).
I think I will employ her as  a flower seller in my tearoom, which is illegal, I think, but she is too young to work, anyway, so a bit more illegal makes no difference to speak of....


  1. Elly, I LOVE her!!! I so love Marie Beglan and Catherine Muniere's work!!! They are the best. Her little outfit is so stunning and perfect! Did you buy direct from Marie or at a fair? She will be perfect for your floral shop.....what if she is too young.....LOL......good habits for children to acquire at a young age. Responsibility and hard work!

  2. I could not agree with you more Patty! I bought this doll via the website, as I never get to fairs where they are selling( and if I could go,I would probably be there too late in any case)
    I am really delighted with her!

  3. Que belleza de nena! tiene una expresión muy dulce... melancolía tal vez? Felicitaciones por tenerla.
    Un abrazo