Thursday, May 12, 2011

bedroom furniture for Flowerpot cottage

And she soldiered on...
Today I made up some kits of a bedroom set and a washstand ( bought from BJ MIniatures ). The kits are really excellent, even for a hamfisted and impatient animal like me :-) I still need to drape the quilt, of course; it is printed fabric and looks very nice, I think!
I also love the washstand, but I need a pitcher and basin. Anybody?


  1. I love the bedroom set Elly, and in fact have the same one made up and awaiting a home. I'll be interested in seeing what sort of rug you put on the floors - someone on PPers told me I needed to embroider some for my properties. Are you up for the challnge lol? Might prove a nice break from the big Boria ;-) Can't see which quilt design you have on ?
    Hugs, Sandie

  2. Certainly no stitched rug or Flowerpot, too upscale, I am afraid.....

  3. Is this bedroom furniture? Looks like it is dinning table furniture. Well washstand is really eye catching.
    -Bedroom Furniture

  4. I like the set-up. It's simple but very creative considering the limited resources. I'll try making something of similar design. Can't wait to do it already. :)