Friday, May 6, 2011

Mouse house, further accessories in place

Long time no see...Sorry, I am still busy with my dear little Floris ( who is still happy at the moment, though) and RL things.

Today, however, I decided to bring more accessories into the mousehouse. First I filled the pudding bowl Mamma mouse was facing with filler ( you know, that white paste that is used to fill holes in a wall when you want to get rid of them for redecoration). It looks very convincing right now, if I say so myself :-). Then I dug out more pots and pans, some goodies like seed cake, bread , and, of course, cheese. Babymouse got a hanging moon over her head, made by Shirley Scheibehenne ( Germany) to help her overcome the trauma caused by Georgina Marfels's ( also Germany) giant spider!. The wonderful mushrooms , made by Mags have been hung to dry in the kitchen. I also put chamber potties ( Elisabeth Causeret) in place and hung the beautiful little spice cabinet that Peter and Kate made, next to daddy mouse after having placed some pots (also by Elizabeth Causeret) into them.

And here is the little patient; excuse his shorn appearance !


  1. I am really looking forward to seeing the mouse house and all its inhabitants. Glad you have sunny weather for the little patient, thinking of you in this time.

  2. Looking good Elly, fingers crossed for Floris.

  3. It looks wonderful, Elly.
    Give Floris a kiss from me. x

  4. Floris looks good, Elly - glad he is comfortable and happy. The Mouse House is just getting more wonderful with your gorgeous accessories - so much detail and such imaginative detail too.

  5. Oh love the little mousies on their toys. How fun!