Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not good

Today I went for another check-up for Floris.
Although the little guy is still quite happy, it appeared on the Xray that he developed a mediastinal mass, tumorous probably(95 %). Probably this is the one that will be the decisive tumor, as it will compress the trachea. I will need to watch when he will be in discomfort ( esp breathing problems are to be expected) and take it from there.
Still, I am happy and grateful he got another year (at least) with an excellent quality of life and also that we will be able to make the most of every day as long as we can  It so often happens that illness overtakes one of our beloved furkids and we feel guilty because we did not see it coming (been there, done that).
In the meantime he is still stealing my milk!


  1. I am so sorry Elly, I am glad he is still enjoying life, I suppose he doesn't know that he is sick and must wonder why you take him to see Men in White occasionally.

  2. Wat een triest nieuws. Ik bewonder je om je doorzettingsvermogen om het leven van Floris zo aangenaam mogelijk te maken. Sterkte voor jou en de dappere Floris!

    Groetjes, Roelie

  3. Thank you Elga and Roelie.It is a real shame, but fortunately he really is a happy kitty right now.
    Somehow, though, I cannot enthuse him with promises of a visit to Uncle Jolle! I had to pull him from under my bed this morning, by the tail, no less :-)

  4. Elly, so heartbroken for you. These will be the toughest hours.

  5. oh dear! Elly I'm so sorry. But you are right to at least be able to say you did your best.
    hugs K

  6. Thank you too, Lisa and Karin.He is a lovely little trooper.Right now he is lying quietly in a basket. Still,it is heartbreaking indeed to know he will be going soon.I just hope I can keep him comfortable.

  7. Wat een rot nieuws, Elly, ik voel zo met je mee. Houd hem maar goed in de gaten en ik hoop voor jullie beiden dat Floris zich nog een tijdje goed blijft voelen.