Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here is my RL sukka

In case you start thinking I also have such an elaborate building somewhere here in or on my humble 3-room apartment! It is just the balcony,walls on three sides,( very practical), but the real important bit is that it has an open roof, other balcony over it, so I can use it as a Sukka.
Since the invention of the bamboo mats life has become rather easy, fortunately. I shudder to think of trying to get at branches etc to put upon the roof. And no, we are NOT allowed to steal them from the community parks, my dears!
You can see the sun slanting in- the balcony is on the west, it is sunset now right here

And I erected the miniature Sukka

or booth , as it is called(not that that helps, hardly any non-Jew knows what we mean by that). Well, you can find a general outline here.
I do have a RL sukka, but being a miniaturist, I decided ages ago that I would like to build my own miniature sukka, so I did. The murals are inspired by an old Sukka that stands in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem( picture uppermost).The dolls etc are snagged from my dolls houses each year.

Wet friend at home

As you can see now, Kristy gave him a duck to play with , in bath, but I am still afraid kitty does NOT like his bath one little bit. The threatening presence of Ms Mopp does not help,either, nor that bucket standing next to him. And what about the bottle of fleapowder on the table????

Also, in the meantime, some mouse has crept up on the windowsill and is definitely teasing the cats inside.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

and here is his little wet friend

Kitty in his bath- obviously not pleased. He will live in the cat-lady's house,of course,that goes without saying.
I will provide additional pics and links next Sunday.
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And some others arrived

Kristy's drunk skunk finally found his way over the pond. I guess he was a bit too drunk to get here straight away, as he took his time (no fault of Kristy's).
He is going to live in the attic of Bluebell Cottage, too, next to the bunny class...Talk about bad influence :-)
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The rest of the teaparty arrived


Today the postman brought a trio of old ladies, who will keep Adella company- when I have dressed them. They are also by Nancy Cronin. Here is the pic snagged from the flyer she sent round in the MSAT minidolls group. I find them adorable.
Now I do devoutly hope I have got the right glue; I have got two kinds of two-component glue.....Otherwise I will be chasing legs and arms for a long time to come!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Adella in her cottage

After having dressed her , I have brought Adella home. She is sitting in front of the fire now, curled-up cat at her feet.It is really her home, isn't it?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adella, with picture an'all...

BUT : I finally dressed Adella today.Remember I got stuck some months ago, as she was losing her arms all the time, as if that was the nature of creation? Well, of course I could not agree to that,so I had plonked her into a box and left her there.
Last week however, I heard some hollering, first softly , then very loud; and then I saw someone waving from the box. Spooky, but it WAS Adella, wanting her tea after a two months wait.
Of course, my camera died on me before I could take her pic, but I promise to add her tomorrow here.
Mine is not the best attempt at doll-dressing ever seen under the sun, but given that everything went wrong while I was dressing her, I am really glad I brought it off this time!!
Time to put up my feet and think what a clever little thing I am!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new project in the wings

As a good little miniaturist, I have al-ways projects waiting in the wings(a mass of UFOs =unfinished objects and USOs = unstarted objects).Today I added to the pile of USOs this sweet little cottage by Petite Properties -i.e. the kit came by post.It looks lovely, doesn't it? I hope to have some time to put it together next month, whenI will be housebound for some days.
I had never cared very much for smaller scales, as I am always enamoured of the dolls who make miniature scenes come to life, but in this cottage I hope to home some critters :-)(guess who from... if&when she has time!)
I will keep you posted when I start!