Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adella, with picture an'all...

BUT : I finally dressed Adella today.Remember I got stuck some months ago, as she was losing her arms all the time, as if that was the nature of creation? Well, of course I could not agree to that,so I had plonked her into a box and left her there.
Last week however, I heard some hollering, first softly , then very loud; and then I saw someone waving from the box. Spooky, but it WAS Adella, wanting her tea after a two months wait.
Of course, my camera died on me before I could take her pic, but I promise to add her tomorrow here.
Mine is not the best attempt at doll-dressing ever seen under the sun, but given that everything went wrong while I was dressing her, I am really glad I brought it off this time!!
Time to put up my feet and think what a clever little thing I am!


  1. I remember Adella and her poor arms, LOL. That's got to be a great feeling to finish her. I'm looking forward to seeing her dressed at last.

  2. He ido a visitar a Adela, es un personaje muy agradable. Espero que la termines y le encuentres un lugar donde este feliz.
    ¿Donde la compraste? Me gusta ese estilo de personajes.
    Besos Clara

  3. Yes Kristy and Clara, she is an adorable character!
    Clara, the doll came from Nancy Cronin; there are several other makers who make these lovely kinds of dolls.I will let you know.

  4. Gracias por la información. Yo tengo personajes vulgares que tengo que vestir para que tengan algo de personalidad :(
    Esta tuya es adorable.
    Besos Clara.