Sunday, October 25, 2009

To Arnhem we went

Today was the Arnhem fair ( well, OK , it is from Fr till Su , but I only go on Sunday ).
I had taken Dafna with me , the young lady who I dressed a doll with last spring. She really liked it . Will show some pics of her later.

I also collected a cottage , that very dear friends had agreed to take from the UK for me. It is one by Rod Buckingham of Teapot Cottages .
Isn't is GREAT ????

Will tell more later when I have recuperated a bit....Karin , I will get back to you, too ! :-) I must have missed something ?


  1. what a beautiful cottage Elly!
    I do love the colours (but I think they might need a cat or two?) ;o)

  2. Shelly , don't you worry- kitties will move in as soon as possible; probably some rehomed from the cat lady's house...!