Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing with my minis

Now that I am strapped up,(which will be,unfortunately, until the end of this month instead of last week , as originally expected), but not in incapacitating pain, I have taken up digging out and rehoming homeless minis. I am probably also going on with trying to catalogue my most important items . Not everything!
Anyway , I had a lot of food items , meats and fishies, made by Georgia Marfels (remember the gal ? She makes those delightful rats...), so here goes:

The meat/fish chest for my deli shop was actually a sideboard . I put the upper part up , using wood and for backing a plastic tile sheet ( Lamatile) with two mosaics embedded, also on wood . All food was made by Georgia. Look at those handsome lobster and crab!

Also , finally filled up the basket of the butcher's boy , standing in front of Victoria House. It ia a Roberson bike, painted with the name of my butcher (special request) . Basket had been empty for years, since the first batch of meats rumbled out one by one. Now they are glued down.

                                A little , optimistic dog watching the sausages....


  1. Que cosas más bonitas hace Georgia. Vigila a ese perro, que lo veo con hambre XD . Saludos

  2. Glad you're playing and having fun! I love this last scene! xo Jennifer

  3. Hello Elly,
    It is looking fantastic. you are putting together an incredible miniature.
    Big hug,

  4. Thank you all ! I really do so enjoy playing around with my minis (like dr. Bob said:I grow older, but I refuse to grow up) :-)

  5. die meat/fish chest vind ik heel mooi zo, mag best wat voller :) mooie combinatie, dat donkere hout met die lichte tegeltjes