Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A new parcel from Marsha!!

Yesterday I received a new set of plates and a bowl from Marsha Hedrick . Tried to photograph her wonderful creations, but my camera did not want to do as I liked (I have a Samsung which I do detest and it is mutual ). So last night I dug out my old coolpix , it made the pics I published yesterday , and today I worked again on photographing her items. One plate escaped me, battery went flat , it won't get back to work till tomorrow, so I will snag a pic from her site for that one :-)

Here goes - be prepared to stand in awe !

This is the little cobalt-blue plate :

Also received some other nice items from an ebayseller , among which silver candlesticks, some days ago :
(err. they are standing on the mantle...)

                                                                      a water jug
(the muffin dish next to it doesn't belong there and looks drunk and disorderly, anyway, I am afraid)

                          and a  nice silver frame ( must find a nice pic to put in, it can even slide in!!)

and a small kitten , will take my own pic later on, too - this one is from seller 


  1. Glad you are having some fun while being a one arm bandit ;-) seems like the finger for hitting "buy now" is working great!

    You got some wonderful treasures, especially the plates, I have been following her on FB and thought some of the goodies she were showing was going to end up with you, I would love to buy a few things from her too. Oh, ah, cute, the kitty is adorable! Give the real cats a hug from me!

    1. Thank you Elga! Kitties are having a great time with me being around all the time right now .
      Marsha's porcelain is indeed fantastic ! And it is nice to have time to browse around the world wide web and look up all kinds of miniatures.
      Stitching is still very slow, though, but that will come, too.

  2. You things are so beautiful! I am going to work in my studio now! I have told myself I cant have anything new until I use some of what I have!

  3. Hello Elly,
    You have a wonderful eye for choosing beautiful miniatures. Everything is great, especially that gorgeous china.
    Big hug,

  4. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Everything is wonderful! I love miniature china and this collection is all So Very Pretty! The painting is so intricate and the embossing is beautiful and the kitten..... Just Adorable! :D


  5. Thank you Giac :-) . I am not very much in the league of really good miniaturists, although I do like DIY, and I am not a deft hand at building, either, so everything is far from perfect , I am afraid. Still, I do have lots of fun and that is what counts after all- well, for me, that is - !

  6. Elly I am in LOVE with your new china! I think that the patterns are so pretty and you have displayed them so beautifully! I have jumped over to her site and I am blown away with the selections that she offers! How were you ever able to narrow down your choices???? I Want It All!!!! :D


  7. Sorry gals , some of the comments had gone into spam , hastily moved them.Thank you for your lovely comments!

  8. Your new acquisitions are as always, beautiful. Marsha's china is exquisite. I will be on the lookout for some when I get back to my halfscale and 1/12th miniature projects.