Monday, October 28, 2013

Made it to the Apeldoorn fair

Well, this time I did not have the energy to browse much and find surprise things, something I always love to do at fairs, but at least I could take home some things I had ordered . Since, however, hoisting around an arm  which feels like a piece of unwanted luggage (should have left it at home?) is rather tiring, I left early. But, got some glues etc , too, which I do love.
Alas, no rats this time, no other funny things, too, sorry :-(

Here are the things I snagged:

Two bookcases for the Kendrew House, made for me by Gradus Ulfman. Yes, the doors do contain glass . I will fill them up later, maybe today ( first want to see if they fit around the existing mantle, which will come in the centre)

And a David Booth table , brought by Karon Cunningham, to go with my NM chairs. The chairs themselves were made by David booth, as well.

When I came home ( the joys of public transport!), kitties were ready for me!


  1. I am glad you managed to go in spite of the arm, the bookcases are beautiful!

  2. Elly, je hebt het openbaar vervoer niet voor niets getrotseerd want je buit is prachtig. Prachtige boekenkasten zeg en je tafel staat erg mooi bij je stoelen. Nog even beterschap met je arm.

    Groetjes helma

  3. Hi Ely! I love the purchases that you made at the Fair! It has to be very frustrating not having the full use of your arm and I know that it is taking its time to heal. Your bookcase should be fun to play with once they are installed into the special place reserved for them.


  4. Hoop dat je ondanks je arm toch veel plezie hebt gehad op de beurs.
    Je boekenkasten zijn heel mooi en die tafel.... kwijl.... een prachtige set heb je zo bij elkaar

  5. Hi Elly,
    Glad to see you where able to go to Apeldoorn....maybe not as long as normal but it's allways a joy to be there. And maybe not as much shopping as you would have liked...but the items you've picked look great. Enjoy filling those bookcases!!

  6. Hi Elly! Happy to hear you got to the Apeldorn show and your bookcases are wonderful! Your library reminds me a lot of the one I've made for January and I'm wondering are some of the books you'll be using printed and, if so (and also just in general) how do you plan to "install" your books? I kind of wish I hadn't purchased so many printed ones because they do want to stay open a little bit but I can't just have open books laying all around the room...At any rate, congrats on a very nice setting which looks like it's finished to the point where now you just have the fun of collecting more stuff for it. :)

    Mary Lynne

    1. Hi Mary Lynne, I had both printed books and blancs, so I mixed them a bit and pushed them in with tweezers :-).I had the same problem, so am careful buying more printed books, although there is some more room, as yet!

  7. You made some very nice purchases. Please say Meow to your cats for me! :-)

  8. I love your purchases. The table and chairs are so professionally made!

  9. The furniture is beautiful Elly - superb in fact. Do you already have the books that you put in it? Isn't it nice to come home to a welcome from the kitties?