Friday, October 8, 2010

about paperclay and Fiona's tips


Fiona gives a good tip for rolling paperclay if you don't have a board nor lay your grubby hands on them quickly:
use baking paper for the underground. I did so. using silicon-coated paper, byw;I used some scrap wood for thickness, like you can see.
For makingg the faux thatch in this scale she advises using a hard brush ( toothbrush for smaller edges like near the chimneys),going over the applied but still wet clay. I happily combed my way over the roof. In paperclay you have got lots of time to do that.
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  1. I'm not even sure what paper clay is. I have a feeling if I were trying to build this little cottage, it would be in the trash bin by now, LOL.

  2. Not with you and this kit, it wouldn't, Kristy!
    Here you find some info on paperclay: .But any air-drying clay will do, basically, as long as one can roll it out into a thin sheet and stick it against the wall.