Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My first adventures in quarter scale

I started working on Flowerpot cottage, as I am off-job(being battered after a meeting with the orthodontist and not being allowed to work during the next few days).Nobody said anything about miniatures being forbidden, though, as long as I don't talk to them , it seems.
Here is the start of Flowerpot cottage. Tomorrow I am going to have a go at working with Paperclay for the outside decoration. Keeping my fingers crossed, it is the very first time I am trying this!
At the top you see the prototype; I wonder whether I can even approach this lovely effect!
PS My little helpers are present again in full force, as you can see....


  1. OH wow, you really have to put that together from scratch practically - yikes. I thought it would be a little more complete than that. I wouldn't be able to do it, my house would be lopsided and horrid looking. :(

  2. Elly, I LOVE the looks of this tiny cottage! You are going to do great. If you need some tips about working with paper clay you can go to my blog and read some past postings that I have done about it from my Rik Pierce class. I gave some step by step instructions with photos!! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Lopsided- maybe, horrid? Never, not while you are in the neighbourhood!
    And besides, one of the charms of this little cottage is that lopsided won't look wrong in this type of house.....
    Btw, the kit comes with a full description in a wonderful booklet on how to put it together, paint it, distress it, etc. If I blow it, it won't be Bea's fault:-)

  4. I love these little houses, I've been looking at buying one because of space limitations. Look forward to seeing progress and how easy/difficult they are. Think roof would be beyond my capabilities! EEK

  5. Hi Chelle,
    I don't think so-you are a clever cookie!
    Besdies, this kit is not just a kit, it is also very much a workshop, teaching you how to paint/finish the cottage and containing loads of handy tips, too.My one worry is whether I can get on with paperclay,and how to impress bricks small enough into the clay.3/16"is easy. 1/16 " ???????

  6. Elly, this is my favourite so far of the 1:48 scale cottages. I have bought all of them and have started on the corner store but this one is shouting at me 'do me, do me!' and it is hard to resist. It's so full of character. And paper clay is surprisingly easy to work with. I bought a mould for bricks too - cheated lol!

  7. Don't resist too long Sandra :-) No need to!