Sunday, October 24, 2010

my camera died on me

So I am going to snag some pics here and there !

This week I fell AGAIN for one of Kristy's critters, a baby-werewolf. I honestly could not resist him, he looks sooooooooo sweet and scary with his little voodoo doll:-) He will scare the heck out of my sweet bunny-class,I am afraid.He is on his way, we hope!

Today I was working on a workshop I will do for minis4all,writing instructions and photographing each step. Hazel and Joan will have to be my guinea pigs. I hope there will be more mini'ers who are going to like doing this.
The general instructions are here;
you will need 34 gauge wire, for sale on e-bay( just search for "34 gauge wire") or in beading shops, like Jillybeads.

Other kits and great ideas are sold by Shelly Norris via Kitz! ( search for : Shelly's Odz'n Endz.) Shelly even makes 1/24 scale wire flowers(I hope to insert the link later; she makes amazing flowers!)

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  1. Enhorabuena por este ramo de flores. Esta técnica es muy dificil. Los colores preciosos.
    Hay que esperar al bichito. Te dará mucha alegria cuando llegue.
    Besos Clara