Sunday, February 7, 2010

wire flowers

Here is a kind of tutorial I photographed years ago.
I used 26 gauge wire ( 34 is the best you can do), but it does make the principle clear.

Here goes:you need 34 gauge wire
a dowel or toothpick , depending on how big your petals/ leaves are going to be
scissors or such
nailpolish or Aleenes.

Lay the wire in front of your dowel, then take it backward, turn against the clock and make a loop. Do several ( I used 5 )loops and then twist the stem, cut off.
Now spread the petals flat. If you like, you can shape them with tweezers.
Now fill them with either nail polish or Aleenes or Sobo glue, mixed with paint , and fill the loops; or if you like, fill the loops with glue and paint over later.Don't forget : the glue will dry clear.

Here is also a short tutorial.

Once you get the basics, with the right wire, it becomes fun to try out several petal and leave shapes and to try and make different kinds of flowers. It is kind of addictive !!!

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