Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wire flowers

I learnt basically how to make those from an article by Pat Snyder in Dolls in Miniature. When I had first seen the article, I was not really impressed. BUT when I saw color pics of them, first on the web somewhere, and then on Shelly Norris's site , I became an enthusiast ! I first tried to make some basic flowers by myself with the wire I could buy here, and then took a lot of internet classes from ShellyN.

Last month Dienke from P&M , a Dutch miniature mag, was here and she got quite interested and maybe I could write an article on them ? So I contacted Shelly and she was agreeable.
Today I finished the photographed and written tutorial.Here are the test-products. Now let's just hope they are good enough and the instructions clear enough!


  1. Elly....did I miss something? I'm not seeing any tutorial.
    hugs Karin

  2. Hi Karin, I wrote the tutorial for this magazine for Shelly Norris :-)


  3. Glad to see you gals like the flowers. I am Patricia Waring (Snyder) son. I made flowers with her for many years and she always loved doing it. Thanks for keeping her art style alive. She would love that.
    Scott C. Waring

    1. Scott, thank you for replying here !!! Many people are delighted with the technique, I know, and some of them even make fantastic creations with them , like Stacy Hoffman who also makes and dresses dolls -and makes glorious guirlandes of very small flowers as a decoration . There are several more who do them very small, as well, so the art has not been forgotten.