Thursday, April 14, 2011

Operation went well, kitty happy.

Today my little tough guy was at hospital again, to let his tumor to be removed ( after it had been irradiated ). Although his general condition is getting worse, he is still very lively and was rubbing his nose against my hand whenever possible on the way home ( I was driving , so a bit of care was indicated). He is walking around now, still a bit dizzy , of course, but otherwise fine and  enjoying being home again, it appears.

I must thank the devoted team of the Utrecht Veterinary Clinic again for their care of my little guy. They are kind and wonderful all the way.This goes for the main treating doctors, J. Kirpensteijn ( left) and B. van Nimwegen (right) , but also for all other people who are part of the team ( anaesthesiologists, radiologists,nurses, receptionists, etc)

I made a pic of a grey parrot while in the waiting room. The girl who had her on her arm was there to have an opinion of how to train her and wean her from  a rather destructive habit ; she is picking her own feathers off, because the last owner neglected her. I think it is very sweet of her ( she obviously is not one of our richest gals) to make such an effort. She spoke very sweetly and quietly to the bird to get her in her box again.


  1. Elly, I am glad everything went well, I thought about you and Floris on and off throughout the day. Glad he could home today with you.

  2. I am so pleased that Floris came through it okay - he knows you are helping him and loves you for it, obviously! He is a fortunate kitty to own you, that's for sure :-) Hope the girl with the parrot is able to help it too.
    Hugs, Sandie