Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Floris : follow up

Today we went to Utrecht again for the first check up after the radiation of the tumor on Floris's back. Unfortunately, the thing did grow slightly; on the other hand, we do not know how malignant the remaining tumor is at the moment. Soooo, next week again and if the bugger has not reduced in size, it will be taken out locally, as it is worthwhile to have a go. In the meantime, I am starting him on Glivec; he is the third cat to try this ( worldwide, I mean); we do not know whether it will work, but it has few side affects and we will monitor him. The UK cats who pioneered this medication, ate it in peanut butter- unfortunately Floris doesn't care about the stuff :-)


  1. Well, I hope Floris likes herring then!!!!!

  2. Nobody could ever say you aren't doing everything humanly possible for your little Floris Elly. You're going above and beyond what most pet owners would do, I'm sure. If vets in Amsterdam charge half as much as what vets in the states charge, this has to be costing you a small fortune. It just shows your enormous love and compassion you have for animals.
    I'm hoping and praying that everything will be successful.

  3. No, he doesn't ; he likes smoked salmon, but after I tried one pill in it, he walks away from it !

  4. Kristy, it is just that I love my little guy so much. I try to make his life, as short( or may be if we are lucky, a bit longer) as it may be as trouble and pain-free as possible and I am glad I have the chance with his lovely and caring vets who do try their utmost helping us.