Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grmpf, what a waste.....

I was stitchng a new dog during last week. But the stitching program had some weird lilac-and-green slant again ( it often has ), and as I was nearing completion the portrait became worse and worse.
So I have decided to chuck it ( sorry Karin ) and redesign it and I will start afresh tomorrow, when I can print out the new chart first. Sigh. A week of stitching wasted !
Well, live and learn....


  1. oh my....I feel almost guilty! I guess a lilac and green pet would have been a novelty!

  2. Bwaahaaa ! Don't feel guilty , no need! I restarted the portrait after reworking the pic into black and white. In fact , my program has this hazard; the design looks gerat on the screen and while you work on it you are seeinig this happen.
    Often , it does not matter, either , as the results are still good, but this time, nope.