Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little sampler

When I visited the Apeldoorn fair last October I saw this sampler kit designed by Janet Granger. I knew of its existence as Carolyn in Texas had already stitched it ( and I thought:" I love this..".)
I stitched it on silk gauze though , as (for me) linen did not quite work well for me.
Then on to framing ( grrrr), but it is done.
I may replace the pic yet, due to the flashlight you can see the reflected lights. In reality, it is not that bad :-)

You can imagine , though  , why I love this little sampler !!


  1. Beautiful sampler Elly and I can see why you just had to stitch it ;-), give the fur babies a hug from me.

  2. I've just bought that sampler in her sale! I've also got some silk gauze for dining chair covers on order so if the evenweave doesn't work for me either I've got a backup.

    1. Goos luck Sheena! The good thing if you use the linen is that you can use the frame that is with the kit, of course and you do not need to stitch the background. Wen using silk gauze I always prefer to stitch the background, too, so it definitely more work.

  3. Totally adorable, Elly. Mine would have to say, "A house without a guinea pig..." though! :-D xo Jennifer

  4. Of course I can see why you love it Elly! And that's why I had to have the sampler too (though I haven't done it yet) and why every building I do has to have at least one cat if not more, no matter what the scale :)It's very sweet. I am guessing that it will go into the cat lady's house? Hugs Sandie