Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The secret is out....

During the weeks /months before I went away for holidays,I was working on a little present for Kristy, Peter and Kate, Mags, Linda and Carol, all people who had contributed to my mouse house.
When I came back I posted it out to them. Of course Kristy was the last to receive it, as she lives in the USA(all the other contributors live in the UK), but hers has landed,too.

So taadaaa! Drum roll .... Here it is!

If you want to see and read it, go here , click on preview. Let load a bit. In the lower right hand corner you will find a  button "view full-screen"; this looks really impressive!! ( much more impressive than the real one, hehe)
But I love it to little bits and I am rather proud of it, if I say so myself!!


  1. It is a super little book, Elly...I am honoured to have been given a copy.

  2. And well deserved,too Mags, your apples, mushrooms and blackberries are fantastic- not only realistic,but they also make the impression of being the full-sized articles in this house.

  3. Wat een leuk idee, Elly, het is een hartstikke leuk boekje geworden!

    Groetjes, Chris

  4. So cute! It's fun seeing so many cute pictures of your critters and their house all in one place!

  5. What a fantastic ,funny house you have made ,it makes me smile :-)! The book is a wonderful gift to all your little helpers ! Jeannette

  6. I think I commented on Petitpointers, but just in case I looked at the book when you posted to the digest and fell in love with it. Absolutely delightful!