Sunday, October 16, 2011

My new furbaby!

May I introduce to you : ( drum roll):

My new furbaby, taken from a nearby shelter last Tuesday. Her name was Spirou, but somehow I could not quite wrap my brain and tongue around it, so I have renamed her :

It is not quite a good picture, I am afraid, but although since yesterday she is dancing around in the living room (she was hiding in one of the bedrooms during the first three days) she has not a second to spare to sit and pose for  a photo. It does not quite show up yet, but at the shelter she was a swooning lovely little lady, so I fully expect her to become  a lapkitty,too.When she has got time, that is!

Here are some better pics that I took tonight ( I am trying to get her in my neighbourhood; her conversation consists of hissing right now, though :-)

She IS a beauty, though !!!


  1. Elly, wat fijn te lezen dat je een katje uit het asiel hebt gehaald. Ze is erg mooi maar je ziet aan haar koppie dat ze nog vertrouwen moet krijgen. Dat gaat vast lukken!! Verwen haar maar lekker.

    Groetjes, Roelie

  2. Wat is ze mooi Elly, veel plezier samen!

  3. Ah, she looks very sweet! I'm sure she'll come and cuddle up to you soon.

    I just read you previous post and looked at the book you made. It's great! I love those books, such a wonderful way of documenting something in your life. I have been wanting to make one myself for a long time now, but haven't gotten round to it yet. I know it takes a lot of time to make them.

  4. Elly, she is gorgeous and I love her new name, I wondered if you were going to change it and I am glad you did!!!!!!

    Enjoy her!!!!!!

    Lots of hugs from a warm, sunny South Africa.

  5. Tiffany is lovely. I am sure she found the best home and will soon warm up to you.

  6. Congrats on your new furbaby, Elly! May you have many happy years of cuddling together!

  7. You hit the jackpot with your last picture. She must have figured out her eyes would look better if she put her head down a little. :) She is really a beautiful kitten and I love the name Tiffany for her. Spirou reminds me too much of Spiro Agnew, not one of our government's shining heroes. :) Anyway, I'm real happy for you and hope she quickly realizes what side her bread is buttered on and quits hissing at you!

  8. What a sweet kitty...I love her white bib! I hope she settles in well. Enjoy your new little love.

  9. What a beautiful little lady, and her new name suits her perfectly. How have your other furbabies reacted to her? I am sure that she will soon settle down and respond to the spoiling and love that is being showered on her.

  10. Welcome Tiffany! She looks like Cosette, one of my six cats.
    Enjoy your new little love.

  11. Thank you all! I think Tiffany is feeling well with all her new friends, even at a distance.
    Beatrice, you are a lucky lady-six cats!