Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back from Arnhem

Now this was a BUSY day.

I went to Arnhem and talked to a LOT of people and bought home all kinds of goodies. I did not photograph all kits; I bought two microkits from Petite Properties ( hope to be able to show off the small thingies once I have  abit of time to make them up).

I did meet with Linda, of Milton Miniatures:

Brought home several kits to make them up and I promised to translate the instructions.

I akslso bought several battery-operated lamps from The Little Dolls House Company ( Canada) and gleefully lit up my kitchen in the Kendrew, where I could not hang any lamp till now, since there was no accessible wiring, unless you count the hearth.

Went along to Victoria Fasken , where I bought two loverly urns

( those blue things on the mantle):

Bought a little pullmouse for the critter house from Shirley Scheibehenne:

went To Karon  Cunningham and bought a beautiful rack of copper pots ( by Lara Copper from Oz)

                                     Here they are in place in the other kitchen ( in the corner):

                                           And a little porcelain bird (by Victoria Guerbos, no website, sorry) with flowers.
                                              NB: you see centimeters here, not inches!

                                                    Which found  a place in the hall

                                                 And  a couple I could not resist :

                                                             THE KISS!!!

                  Went along to Jens Torp and bought a wonderful honeypot and breadbasket for my teashop

PHEW. So that is it for now!!! ( well, actually, there are more things, but will talk about those later on)

( Well, while I was typing this post, litle Tifany threw the Mouse House over. Fortunately there is no big damage done, only mr Skunk seems to have lost his bottle and little baby has lost a spider, but I think I have got some spare). Otherwise the family is OK, I am happy to say)


  1. You bought some wonderful minis. The kissing couple are cute.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Hi Elly, I enjoy your blog. Lovely lot of loot you bought at the fair!

    I wonder could you help me translate some Dutch please? I bought a kit but I don't understand the instructions............

  3. Okay, the kissing couple is great, but the big question is who's the skeleton in the background!? He looks like a butler but maybe the family should pension him off??? :)

  4. Susan, drop me a line and I will do my bestest!

    Mary Lynne, the butler is long past his sell-by date, but he refuses to leave I am afraid :-)