Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happily purring lapkitty

Today she landed in my lap ! Baby is happily dancing around the house. This morning Fluffy was lying in my lap- they are becoming friends as far as I can see. Fluffy was purring loudly , she came along and thought visibly "I can do that"- so she jumped next to me on the sofa, started purring , then Fluffy jumped off and she took his place in my lap.

Usually she is rather busy, and I am doing household chores, but when I finally sat down this evening, she came along again and did the same thing, a lot longer this time.I think the shelter did  a great job since she is so happy after just a week in here.

Now she is asleep on the back of the sofa....

ASLEEP I said!



  1. Oh, Sweet!!!!! Cats certainly choose really weird and uncomfortable looking places to sleep sometimes, but she looks pretty content. I am so glad she is turning into a lap cat, hope you can get some stitching done with her on your lap!!!!

  2. The shelter may have done a good job, but I think the reason she's so happy is cause she has probably the world's best cat mama. :)