Sunday, March 27, 2011

First things in place !

Here we are!
For some reason the blog refused to take my pictures, but I think it will work now( I hope)

During some hours of hard glueing I have placed part of the crockery in place and part of the food; the micies are playing and cooking .
Harley the motormouse is ready for  a race against the turtlemouse( outside); Dad is working on his contraption , the cat beller;mom has got a pudding bowl ( pud to follow), underneath the table is a little mouse that partook of jam; upstairs the kids are playing and the baby is less or more asleep.
Do you see that wonderful apple core next to the apples on top of the dresser ( Mags made the apples and also the blackberries on the table and mushrooms drying in the attic ; they are gorgeous, exactly the right size!) ? I mean, if apples are lying there, it might be very reasonable that one of the mouse kids climbs up from time to time for a  nibble...


  1. It is looking fabulous, Elly - so proud to have been a part of it!
    The fruit looks good in it's new home.

  2. Just wonderful Elly, this sure is a busy household, I think Mama mouse is going to need a vacation soon, all those kids, boy they must keep her on her toes all day long!!!!!

  3. Dat ziet er geweldig uit met de muisjes er al in maar ik ben ook zo benieuwd naar een foto van het hele huisje.

  4. Thank you!Mags, I will try to make some more decent pics and try to send them to Janet with a broad hint:-)
    Elga, it will become even worse as time goes by, I am afraid...
    Chris, I have just posted a link to my photobucket album with loads of pics of the whole house. Hope that helps!
    I also just discovered that the pics from Arnhem had disappeared from the blog!!! So I put them back via the selfsame photobucket.