Thursday, March 3, 2011

mouse made it

This little mouse travelled all the way over the Big Pond with his own jar of jam, as he ( she?) was happily nicking some. Since s/he is going to meet  mouse-mamma soon, I am not quite sure about his/her immediate future..

I am planning to unpack some mice and some accessories this weekend and have a go at photographing the family. Without their house, as yet, but they will be able to move in in about three weeks. 

Kristy also sent me this little walnut shell, it will be great to have an extra bassinet in case some new baby might arrive, mice are prone to that, I have heard....


  1. OOOooh wat een lief muisje ! Ik zeg dat echt niet wanneer mijn kat er weer een mee naar binnen nemen..brrrr...

    Groetjes, Roelie

  2. What a darling little mouse. I love them when they aren't living and breathing lol. I hope there will be a baby to put in the walnut shell bassinette.....