Friday, March 18, 2011

Stacy again

Some ( well, a long) time ago I partly dressed the doll I called Stacy after Stacy Hofmann, who made her and partly decorated her.
Trouble is, she is a wonderful, beautiful doll and her hair ornaments(that Stacy made) are exceptional, so I wanted some dress to go with it. I finally found some brocade which I thought would work, and I tried- it doesn't , not for me, at least.
She and I have been staring at each other for months now while I sought to find an answer for the question how to finish the dress nicely. The answer is : it won't work, whatever I do.
So I have bit the bullet , cut the clothes off and am now trying for another dress, only partly brocade, combined with , probably chiffon. I hope. Well, I do hope it will work...
Some parts have been cut out by now and are drying.

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  1. Hope it works this time. Good luck!!!!!!

  2. hallo Elly, prachtige pop! Ken je het boek van Sue Atkinson : Making & dressing dolls`house dolls? Veel patronen uit verschillende tijden, erg leuk boek!