Wednesday, March 16, 2011

update on Floris

Today I went again with Floris to the Utrecht Veterinary faculty for a check-up
The local tumor is growing big time, but is not growing through into the vertebrae. The Xray showed, though, that his pulmonary metastases had hardlly grown , at all. So the primary concern is now this local process.

Jolle (Kirpensteijn, the professor) is willing to have a second go with the Holmium therapy locally. Of course, we cannot hope to cure him, but we might be able to get some new control on the local tumor, before he gets into pain. We might also try Glivec, a "soft" chemo, used for similar neoplasms in humans, which probably won't have too many side effects, but Jolle will try to glean some info from a colleague who tried that.

Anyway, here is kitty at home again, basking in the sun! He is still his own sweet selfie, jumps onto the counter when I scoop out kitty food and yesterday, one of the first sunny and mild days ( spring is finally here), he played around on the balcony. Clearly he is still enjoying life.
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  1. Aw, give him a pet around the ears from me. How I do hate when animals are sick. :[ Best of luck to you!

  2. Wat een tobberij toch maar wat fijn dat hij nog zo kan genieten!

  3. Floris will go to Utrecht sometime next week. We are going to try, and we do hope he will have some more happy weeks(maybe even some months). He is a little brave kitty.