Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kitty day

Today I went with Floris to the doctor for his first follow-up after the radiation. Professor was really happy about him, given the very bad prognosis his tumor has. No sign of it so far. But we will have to follow up carefully, a long way to go as yet.Many visits to the University to follow!
Some pics of the waiting- room ( sorry , it is a bad one, I will practice during my next visits), Ilonka Hartzheim,who is describing the Holmium therapy and thus following up all animals which have been treated this way up to now, and Jolle Kirpensteijn, the professor. They made it possible, so i thought it was worth a pic.Several pics.


  1. Poor kitty! I hope he gets all better. :)

  2. Thank you Dale, he will need all good thoughts. And he is such a lovely guy!

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