Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back from Utrecht

Back home again!

The operation went well ( OK, it was just a very small lump in the skin, so no big operation this time).But the best part is, that it looks like the thing is probably just some little epidermal cyst, quite benign and unrelated to nasty sarcomas. We wil have to await the report, of course, of which I hope it will come next week.
Floris is sleeping off his anaesthesia and cannot be disturbed :-). And , apart from a shaved part of his back, his belly has been shaved now, as well. We might just shave him in poodle form and be done with it ?


  1. Oh Elly I am so happy that he is fine! Don't think that gorgeous orange coat needs to be shaved any more than it is, though. Isn't he beautiful!
    Big hugs (for him of course)