Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A great story & Miss Havisham and Saoirse

About 7 weeks ago I bought ( at the Miniature on line show) two dolls from Jain Squires , Miss Havisham and a lady called Saoirse. The dolls looked both as if they would fit very well into my grisly Vic Newey pub ( the grisly story is told here ). Maybe Miss havisham would need a room of her own in the future , but in the meantime I thought she could do very well in the pub.

Alas, time went by and no dolls. So Jain, sweetly , promised to make me a replacement .She was already working on it, full steam ahaed.

And then teh miracle happened : the wandering dolls did turn up, after all !!! Both of us very happy.

I wanted to tell this story because I was very happy with how Jain handled the problem ; I owe her big time for the nice way she took it.
The new Miss Havisham will probaly travel to Kensington ( she looked great, btw )

This is Saoirse ( right hand, to the back. The innkeeper is doll by Jamie Carrington) :


And her is Miss Havisham, sitting by the fire, among remnanrts of forgotten guests...

( the whole front, ground floor & first floor)


  1. Bijzonder mooie pub, bovendien die poppen zijn prachtig gemaakt. Het is een heel sfeervol geheel. Ik vind Ms. Havisham, zoals ze bij het haardvuur zit, een prachtige pose hebben. Ze ziet eruit alsof ze een dutje aan het doen is ;)?
    Groetjes, Ilona

  2. Thank you Elly. It is great to see them so happy in their new home. xx

  3. Thank you Elly. It is great to see them so happy in their new home. xx

  4. Het ziet er prachtig uit. Complimenten voor het mooie resultaat.

    Groeten Xandra

  5. Very nice dipiction. I like Mrs. Haversham. :-)

  6. I find the range of your interests and dollshouses fascinating Elly- from the extremely elegant to the somewhat gruesome to the whimsical. This pub is full of wonderful characters, and has an amazing atmosphere. Hugs Sandie