Sunday, October 7, 2012

Working on Witches and a Wench

I am currently workimg on dressing some wqitches made by Nancy Cronin )  actually they were made for a MSATminidolls project in 2010 or so  , but I simply did not get to it, m0ostly being sucked up by the BBB, I am afraid.
Whatever, here we are and after several days of hard work, this is less or more where I have got

You can see that a lot is still to be done, trims, wigging, draping , etc. Still, they have their shoes on, and all of them have hats waiting for them ready to wear. I made two witches´hats

( this is actually both from a tutorial on Gina Bellous site and a tutorial placed into Dolls House Miniatures  issue 215 by Kastle Kelm Miniatures.

Off now, as I will stop again for two days, due to festrivals coming up !


  1. Mmmh, so where are your three witches gonna live?

    Love the hats!

  2. Wow! For me that looks great! I adore people who can obviously sew :-))) I like the colors of the fabrics and your hats! I´m looking forward to the next pictures of your witches, they already have a wonderful expression and I wonder how they will look when they´re ready! Hugs, Sandra

  3. Hi Elly! Het zijn echt schatjes van heksjes, zien er "knap" uit, die smoeltjes :D. Je hebt echt eer van je werk, want de kleding ziet er mooi uit, misschien wel te mooi voor heksen :D!!
    Groetjes, Ilona