Thursday, June 2, 2011

miniatures and minicats

This is a golden oldie from when my black and white little brat was a baby. He loved walking into and out of dollshouses, neatly using the door.And the stairs in my bigger houses. Later on , he also tried sleeping on a dolls bed. Bed did not survive. Cat did, of course, I mean : what can one do? He looked so happy and innocent ( and still does, for that matter...)
The shop eventually did not survive the cats' interest, too, They used the roof to bask themselves in the sun , but the plexiglass crashed down when they grew older and heavier and the shop did, as well, around their ears. That is why I bought a sturdier shop, which will eventually be moving into the new Kendrew house !


  1. Fortunately my kitty has never had any ideas to get into my dollhouse, I think the fact that my dining room gets no sun probably helps :-)

  2. Awww what a beautiful photo! What is it about cat & dolls houses?! Mine are ALWAYS around whenever I decide to work on some mini project! :) x