Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lots of little kitchem items

for the mouse house...

As you all know, mice have mighty big and hungry families, so mammamouse needs lots of pots and pans !
I had bought a lot of white metal miniature items and have been busy painting them. Most of it is done by now, I need to repair some edging here and there, but basically it is done
Now, I need to have a good think about where to leave all these little buggers!

Also, I am quite sure that I saw two paella pans. Do meece eat paella??? Hmm, Kristy's meece might :-)
Now sometime soon I will put it all into the little house!


  1. Of course they eat paella! Their Spanish cousins tought them how to cook it, I'm sure!
    The pots and pans look good. Love those kettles.

  2. Very lovely kitchen items!
    I love the basket!It looks very country!

  3. Thank you Josje and Sonya.
    It is fun to see how these cheap white metal thingies change when you work at them,isn't it?
    Josje, I am afraid you are right, Spanish meece wil probably eat paella, although I had never quite made the association....