Monday, August 13, 2012

The story of the Berninapass and the little red train

I do not want to keep this lovely little story from you .
I found it on a tablet, first of a series , that was set up two years ago, when the Rhätische Bahn ( the local railwayline, that operates with red trains) celebrated its100 th anniversary. The series explains about the building of the many bridges and tunnels , needed to get over and through the Alps, plus the maintenance of the lines, which is not a piece of cake, either.

Here is the translation of this first tablet:

A long time ago, when God created the high mountains from His hands, He said: "Now I am a bit tired, but before I am going to rest a bit on my cloud-home,I want to finish the creation of this world in a good way.So in the middle of these mountains I will create a lovely place.It will be sweeter than honey, a place with the name "Bernina",where all people will be reminded of My work.I will always be between these snow covered mountains. I want the sun to shine on these tops before all other mountains, and that the sunshine will only disappear after it has got dark in Poschiavo.I want the color of sky to be like that of mine eyes, that the air is as clean and clear like after a september storm, and that the smell of resin from the trees will mingle with that from the high valleys of Arosa. I want  the sound of the bells of the cows in the pastures mingling with the prayers of the people, who walk the paths and search for peace here, in the mountains. I want this place, which will one day be named Bernina, to be magical and full of consolation for those, who are tired from work and thinking. And when they are sitting next to a brook and hear the murmurs of the crystal clear water, they hear My words and it will be, as if were they sitting on My knees".

He had just spoken the word, and it happened! Immediately the mountains of Bernina stood up.And the Lord said : "that is good, but I am not yet really happy. When the time has come,a little good-natured little red dragon will take the people through this place and show them My beautiful creation"
Then he yawned and withdrew .
And in 1910 happened what He wanted: "Il trennino rosso del Bernina"was born.

( Ezio Maifrè, Tirano)


  1. A really beautiful story Elly, One day I would love to come and experience the peace and tranquility there in the Swiss mountains.

  2. Awww - what a nice way for those folks to present their town and train! I love it. :o)

  3. Elly - what a lovely story. Captures travelling through the Alps beautifully! Thank you for passing it on to us.
    And another great excuse for me to browse around your blog! Hugs Annette

  4. Elly, that is such a sweet story! love the 'little red dragon' idea.